Sergi Boal is a composer and guitarrist from Barcelona (1977).He studied classical guitar, flamenco, contemporary, in a continous way since he was 15 years old ( master Juan Mario Cuellar, Taller de Musics, Escola Jamsesion)

In 2008 was graduated in  Music Industries Management ( IDEC, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)

Since 2009 he continued studying the  Arabic instrument  Oud, with the greek musician Yannis Papaioanou.

In late 2011, he takes the decision, after a concert of the pianist Brad Meldauh, to compose his own music and during the years 2012 and 2013 he has self-produced and self-released 5 Cd, all own compositions, published in American and Italian Netlabels, with great critical acclaim:

-Nylon and Turtle (2012, Acustronica, No Source)

-Silenci (2012, Acustronica)

-Cercle (2013,Acustronica, Alchemistica)

-The Man without a hat ( Acustronica, 2014)

-Wheels Collective /What about Music, 2015)

In 2013 performed a cover  of a piece of the contemporary pianist Nils Frahmm, which has been published on the website of Nils Frahmm.

He also writes for film scoring and visual projects



Film Music


-Sountrack Documental Dianova (2012, Spain)

- Sountrack Shortfilm Clodette ( Imminent Productions, 2013, Andorra)

- Sountrack Shortfilm Awakening (2013, verena Grundhammer, Germany)

- Sountrack Shortfilm 24 Horas de Luz ( 2015, Darwin Reina,Spain)



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